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Welcome to the National Legislation Page!
National Legislation Chair is Dave Southworth, Chapter 970.
Please send ideas to him via email Dave Southworth

The core of NARFE mission essential advocacy is the Congressional District Leader (CDL) with the support of the Congressional District Group (CDG). If you live in California, your address puts you in a specific Congressional District and makes you a member of a CDG. So, you are already part of the team, so go ahead and volunteer to participate. Read the Congressional Districts Leadership Field Plan to learn more.


Key Documents for your visit to Congress Representative


NARFE Legislative Agenda for 115th Congress

NARFE Legislative Priorities for the 115th Congress

California's Federal Family

California's Federal Retirees

Remember to bring a NARFE magazine to give to office



Background and Training information for Advocacy Members


Congressional Districts Leadership Field Plan

CDL Recruitment Flyer / CDL Recruitment Flyer (slide format)

CDL Training Announcement

Summary of Resources for Congressional District Leaders

Advocacy Engagement Calendar

CDL Guidance

Legislative Officer and CDL Manual (FH-7)

NARFE Legislative Webinars and Grassroots Resources



Useful Information


CSFC National Legislation Committee

Policy 6 (A) Standing Committees - National Legislation Committee

Policy 6 Standing Committees

Find your Representative and District by Zip Code

America's Federal Family



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