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Beginning January 1, 2016 and Continuing

The California State Federation of Chapters is offering incentives and awards to chapter members for recruiting and retaining NARFE members and signing up for Dues Withholding beginning January 1, 2016. It is fitting that our members who are dedicated to strengthening NARFE and the Federation be rewarded for their endeavors. Therefore, the following incentive, awards and rebates are effective January 1, 2016.

Super Recruiter Pins: Members who recruit two (2) or more, new NARFE members will receive a unique California Federation Super Recruiter pin in recognition of their recruiting efforts. Pins will be awarded following each three-month period that begins January 1. 2016.

Recruitment Cash Awards: Any member who recruits a new member(s) will receive a $10 recruitment incentive check from the Federation for each new member recruited. The Federation Treasurer will send the check based on the appearance of the new member name in the M-260 report. A separate application is not required.

All members who recruit ten (10) or more, new NARFE members during the fiscal year will receive a check for $75 following the end of the Fiscal Year.

Dues Withholding Rebates: Any annuitant who signs up for dues withholding will receive a check for $15.00. Any spouse who joins NARFE will receive a check for $5.00. Any spouse who signs up for dues withholding will receive a check for $5.00.

Please Note: To claim a dues withholding rebate, the Chapter must send a copy of the M-112 Report to the CSFC Treasurer to verify dues withholding of the member.

Get Ready to Recruit!
The 2017 NARFE Membership Recruiting Drive Starts Sept. 1

For every NEW member recruited from September 1 through December 31, the recruiter will receive $10 AND be eligible for monthly prizes throughout the contest as well as the GRAND PRIZE, an Apple Watch.
You may want to consider offering extra incentives, which can spur excitement among chapters and provide for some healthy competition among members!

As we are all working toward the common goals of increasing NARFE membership and engaging members in our mission, we encourage members at all levels to spread the word and get involved in this important effort.

Please publicize the 2017 Membership Drive in your newsletters, on your websites and at meetings.

Frequent reminders -- and even a "goal" thermometer -- can help keep members focused and excited about the program.

Contest rules will be printed in the October issue of narfe magazine, in the upcoming Recruiting and Retention Journal and on the NARFE website at Updated brochures and materials are available to support the field in recruiting efforts.


The following files require Adobe Reader to view and print.
You can download this free software here.

Membership Application

Distinguished Member Application, Form F-128

Life Membership Application, Form F-53

Dues Withholding Program, Form F-86

NARFE Membership Marketing Manual, Form FH-19

Matching Funds Program

Prospect Information Card, Form M-2

Elevator Speech

Dues Categories

Public Relations Manual, FH-9

Checklist of Chapter Operations

Keeping a Chapter Active

Chapter Records Management

NARFE Orientation Presentation

Membership Recruitment and Retention Presentation

The NARFE 75 Minute Meeting Presentation

CSFC Hall of Fame Inductees



Must be Signed into NARFE Account to view the following:

Recruiting and Retention Journal

NARFE Insider

Recruitment and Retention Tips and Tools

Recruiting Posters

Online Activity Module Training



Sample Letters and Forms:

Welcoming New Member Letter including Questionnaire

Dropped Member Letter including Survey

Retention Letter

Condolence Letter for Deceased Members

Membership Drawing Form for Gift Memberships



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