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Did you ever come across a problem related to your federal retiree or survivor benefits and wonder where you could go for help? The answer is your chapter's Service Officer. Service Officer volunteers play a vital role in meeting the needs of NARFE members and their families.


  • Help individual members, their families and survivors take the proper actions to obtain and retain their annuities, and health and federal group life insurance benefits;

  • Provide emotional support to members having serious problems with their benefit arrangements and particularly to surviving spouses when they suffer the trauma of a death or serious illness;

  • Make the availability of their services known to all members through newspaper/newsletter articles and reports at chapter

The Service Officer volunteers are knowledgeable about:

  • Federal procedures governing delivery of annuity payments

  • Life insurance, federal employee's health benefits, and long-term care insurance

  • Survivor benefits under current laws administered by OPM

  • Change of beneficiary procedures

  • Rights of divorced spouses to survivor benefits

  • Death benefits

  • State and federal income taxes as related to federal annuities and withholding

  • Social Security referral information

  • Requirements for other government programs

A major aspect of the Service Officer volunteer function is to assist members with problems involving programs managed by the Office of Personnel Management, Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Federal Employees Health Benefits Program insurance carriers, the Office of Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance, and other federal and state benefits-paying agencies. In addition to facilitating communications between the members and the appropriate agency or company, Service Officer volunteers frequently assist members to correctly prepare and forward the forms and reports that are necessary for their claims for benefits.

So, when you have a problem related to your retiree or survivor benefits, help is only a phone call away. A phone call to your Chapter Service Officer volunteer will bring you help, assistance and peace of mind. These Service Officer volunteers have handled many cases like yours. They are highly competent, caring, and hard-working members of NARFE. Call on them when you need help!


Service Officer Guide (FH-10)


"Service Officers for Service" (S.O.S)
a newsletter with helpful information prepared by Mary Venerable, Chair of the Service Committee


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